Our Mission

Rappil medicine and nutrition reminder app is dedicated to tackle worldwide problem of drug adherence(not taking medicines as per prescribed schedule). We have a singular mission of being a virtual companion to everyone for their timely medicinal and nutritional requirements.

User Friendly Interface for Medicine Reminders

Rappil helps you organise your medicines, nutritional supplements and vitamins etc by means of its user friendly interface. You can add your medicines by means of an easy to operate ‘Add Medicines Button’. You can chose from various dosage forms and units. Rappil notifies you regarding your medicine at a time which is preset by you in the app for your medication.

Taking care of your loved ones

It also helps you remember medicines of your infants and elderly parents who are dependent on you for their well being.You can also keep safe your important medicine notes in our Medbook Section.

Organise nutritional supplements

Users can also organise nutritional supplements like calcium, iron , vitamins , proteins etc for timely intake. Rappil reminds user of medicines and nutritional supplements by means app notifications.

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Key focus Areas

Medicine Adherence

Adherence to a medication regimen is generally defined as the extent to which a person takes medications as prescribed by their health care providers. As per World Health Organisation(WHO), In developed countries, adherence (taking medicine as per prescribed schedule) to long-term therapies in the general population is around 50% and is much lower in developing countries. As per Capegemini, the US pharmaceutical industry alone loses an estimated $188 billion annually due to medication non-adherence. This represents 59% of the $320 billion in total US pharmaceutical revenue in 2011 and 37% of the $508 billion annual potential total revenue.

Antibiotic Resistance
and Chronic Diseases

Rappil helps in managing medications for chronic diseases like tuberculosis, diabetes, Hypertension etc. We encourage users to complete their prolonged antibiotic schedules by means of Rappil reminders. Non compliance with antibiotic therapy leads with delayed recovery as well increase in antibiotic resistance in general population. Similarly, in case of disease like tuberculosis, non compliance of medication leads to development of Multi Drug Resistant Tuberculosis(MDR TB) and Extensively Drug Resistant Tuberculosis(XDR TB).

Nutrition Supplement

We are also focused on patients who have to take nutritional supplements due various deficiencies(Vitamins, Iron, Calcium etc)and diseases. People suffering from various disease conditions may suffer from loss of appetite which can be compensated by nutritional and dietary supplements. People also require nutritional supplements in chronic diseases like cancer ,chronic kidney disease etc. We are dedicated to help patients and families to stay informed of various timely intake of scheduled nutritional supplements.

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Our Team

Our team is a balanced mix of technology and healthcare professionals desired to achieve perfect confluence of two different domains. Our team comprise of individuals with strong intent of improving healthcare access across the world by means of digital transformation of healthcare. We are tirelessly working towards improving access of healthcare by developing our portfolio of products. We are currently trying to address the problem of medicine adherence by medium of our product Rappil - medicine and nutrition reminder app.

Anmol is co-founder and
CEO at Rappil.
He previously worked at
Medtronic &


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